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Leadership Excellence in Crafting Unforgettable Lagoon Tours and Adventures

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At Moana Adventure Tours, we consider exceptional leadership to be a crucial element for our success. Our Manager Training Program, which has been ongoing since February 2023 over a 9-month period, represents a significant investment in the future of our company.
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It incorporates the prestigious Leaders of the Pacific program, led by Christophe Gutierrez, an expert in leadership, bringing a unique dimension to our training.

Christophe Gutierrez, our esteemed leadership trainer, plays a central role in our Manager Training Program at Moana Adventure Tour.While his primary expertise lies in leadership development, he brings a valuable and inclusive approach to our program. Guiding our future managers towards new heights of success, he upholds our company values and respects the natural beauty of Polynesia.

Through his mentorship, our trainee managers gain a profound understanding of leadership principles and the necessary skills to effectively lead our “Lagoon Tours” and “Adventures.” The result is the delivery of truly unforgettable experiences to our cherished customers. Christophe’s contribution remains invaluable, and his dedication to the personal development of each individual underscores his significance within our program.

Beyond the training of our managers, our company continuously strives to showcase our “lagoon tours” and “water activities,” especially the exploration of “stingrays, sharks, and coral gardens.” These unique experiences lie at the heart of our identity, and we are constantly working to enhance and make them unforgettable for our customers. With our team of future managers in training, we are confident that we can ensure even more enriching and memorable experiences while preserving the exceptional nature of Polynesia. We eagerly anticipate sharing our passion for these Pacific treasures with the world, all the while continuing to develop outstanding leaders who are the cornerstone of our future.