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From Private Tour to Eco Warrior: Join Us in Protecting Bora Bora’s Beauty

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Bora Bora is a natural paradise of extraordinary beauty. However, it is crucial to remember that such beauty requires consistent protection. That’s why Moana Adventure Tour is committed to preserving this precious environment, actively participating in Clean Up days.

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At Moana Adventure Tour, our dedication to environmental preservation is central to our ethos – a core value that directs every action we take. Our company is devoted to safeguarding and maintaining the natural grandeur of Bora Bora and its unique marine ecosystem. This sustainable vision drives our every effort and has inspired our involvement in Clean Up days.

We’re proud to share this mission with our friends at the IC Moana hotel and others, including various associations who share our passion for protecting our beautiful island and its unique marine life – a perfect destination for those looking for an unforgettable honeymoon in Bora Bora.

On Friday, September 15, our team, embodying the essence of our private tours in Bora Bora, mobilized along the island’s roads and coastal areas. Armed with bags, gloves, and determination, we cleaned the roadside and areas accessible from the mainland.

This experience reminded us of the crucial importance of awareness and action. Each piece of waste collected brings us a step closer to safeguarding the marine life that makes Bora Bora tours so unique and enchanting.

a group of people standing on the side of a road

We encourage everyone to take steps towards protecting our environment. Be it reducing plastic use, participating in clean-up initiatives, or supporting organizations dedicated to nature preservation, every effort counts. Especially for those who visit Bora Bora, either on private tours or are planning an unforgettable honeymoon.

Moana Adventure Tour will continue working towards promoting sustainability and environmental protection in Bora Bora. Our marine paradise deserves our ongoing commitment.

Join us in our mission to preserve the natural beauty of this extraordinary island for future generations and the well-being of our planet.

Maururu Roa (Thank you very much)