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Eco-Responsibility in Action: Exploring Bora Bora’s Wastewater Treatment Plant

Photo groupe SPEA 1


On May 1, 2024, MOANA ADVENTURE TOURS embarked on an educational and environmental journey by visiting the wastewater treatment plant in Bora Bora. Guided by Vaihere, the head of the environmental project, the team explored every aspect of wastewater treatment, including the osmosis desalination process.

This visit provided team members with a comprehensive understanding of local environmental challenges and the solutions being implemented to address them. In addition to gaining insight into the internal workings of the plant, they also became aware of the crucial importance of these processes for preserving Bora Bora’s fragile ecosystem.



But the day didn’t stop at the wastewater treatment plant. The team also explored the practical aspects of waste management by visiting the island’s landfill. This immersion into the reality of local environmental challenges strengthened the team’s commitment to ecological and sustainable practices in their daily activities.

For the MOANA ADVENTURE TOURS team, this experience was a true eye-opener. It reinforced their dedication to ecological practices in both their professional and personal lives, prompting them to take an active role in preserving the environment of Bora Bora and beyond.