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Private Eco Sharks & Rays, Coral Garden Snorkel Safari

Eco private tour in Bora Bora ! No feeding ! Discover the marine life with an approach 100 % focus on the respect of our Beautiful lagoon !

Quick Details

Private Charter - Cap Camarat 17fts
Cap Camarat 25fts - base tarifaire 2 pax

Swim over a coral reef with sharks and rays

This Private Sharks & Rays, Coral Garden Snorkel safari, 3 HR private tour, offers you a truly unforgettable experience in Bora Bora’s breathtaking lagoon. Take full advantage of thriving underwater wildlife with your own private guide. This tour includes three stops in the lagoon, showing you the most beautiful aquatic sites of Bora Bora’s lagoon.

Stingrays Encounter

The Private, Sharks and Rays, Coral Garden Snorkel Safari group tour begins in the knee high, crystal clear waters of Bora Bora’s blue lagoon. With white sand under your feet, and your guide next to you, you will search for the gentle, beautiful stingrays that are famous in Bora Bora. Observing the rays in their natural environment is truly amazing.

Sharks Explorer

The next stop will be to search for the gentle and harmless gray sharks and black tips reef sharks. Dive with mask and snorkel in clear, shallow waters to see these brilliant masters of the lagoon in action.

Swimming with the sharks in Bora Bora’s pristine lagoon is truly an unforgettable experience! Experiencing these gentle, harmless masters of the ocean up close will forever change the way you think about sharks.

Our Polynesian guides will lead you in this exciting adventure. Always respectful and confident of the sharks, your guide will gently show you the best way to encounter these beautiful creatures.
Should you not feel confident to go in the water, you can also easily see them from the boat.

Despite the fact that the marine life is widely represented, it is not guaranteed to spot an animal presence when going out. If this is the case, the excursion will not be reimbursed.

Coral Garden Snorkeling

The last stop will be at the coral gardens. In the shallow waters of Bora Bora’s lagoon, you will enjoy snorkeling with a healthy and prosperous underwater wildlife.

This Coral Garden Snorkeling experience will put you floating amongst hundreds of tropical fishes. The huge amount of colorful fish and coral at your fingertips is one of nature’s most beautiful experiences.

A must do experience in Bora Bora!

This tour is for a couple. Two options available for this tour :

– Cap Camarat boat 17 fts (Maximum 2 Adults + 2 Children until 11yo ).
– – Cap Camarat boat 25 fts (Maximum 6 Adults ).

For extra persons Contact us !