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Private Combo Land & Sea

Private Guided Tour ! Enjoy a full day day in Bora Bora from the top of the hills to deep blue lagoon in a Private 4X4 and Cap Camarat 25 fts Boat. Lunch included at the Famous Bloody Mary's Restaurants !

Quick Details

Combo Tour Starting at

Explore Bora Bora by land and sea

Private 4X 4Safari

Your private 4X4 guide will pick you up at your hotel or hotel shuttle base in the morning. Your private snorkel safari tour will follow after lunch. The order of your tours is subject to change, weather depending.

You will discover the history of Bora Bora and all of its magical sites beginning with your 4X4 tour.
Discover the heights of the South Pacific, as your 4X4 takes you to the magnificent views that Bora Bora has to offer. Looking out onto the lagoon, you will be mesmerized by the different colors of blue and green.

During this portion of the tour, your guide will give you cultural and historical information about Polynesia and more specifically Bora Bora.  Visit the historical sites of Bora Bora, including bunkers and American cannons from WWII.

Lunch at the Famous Bloody Mary’s restaurant!

Lunch is included. We break for lunch around noon and transport you to Bloody Mary’s Restaurant for your meal. We will pick you up there in the afternoon for the second portion of your combo tour. One hours break.

Private Shark & Ray Snorkel Safari

We will pick you up at approximately 12:45 PM after lunch for your Shark and Ray, Coral Garden Snorkel Safari (3 HR). You will be aboard one of our 25 fts. Cap Camarat boats.

Snorkel amongst the many creatures of the lagoon along side your private guide. At the end of the day, we will take you back to your resort and or resort shuttle base.

During your private boat tour through the lagoon, you will make several stops to experience the famous cristal clear lagoon of  Bora Bora. Search for the fabulous stingrays of the lagoon as they swim so gracefully underwater. I you are lucky you might encounter the gentle black tip reef sharks of the lagoon !
A snorkeling stop at the majestic coral gardens will put you floating amongst hundreds of tropical fish.
By choosing a Combo tour, you get a discounted rate. Tours must be done on the same day. Order of tours is subject to change.

Eco-friendly Excursion !

Our approach Is 100% focused towards the respect of marine life and ensures you a magical experience while preserving the aquatic fauna and flora (no feeding of the sharks, rays and the protection of coral)

Despite the fact that the marine life is widely represented, it is not guaranteed to spot an animal presence when going out. If this is the case, the excursion will not be reimbursed.

Duration: Private 4X4 Safari : 3HR. + Shark & Ray Snorkel Safari : 3HR.
Rate is for one couple. Lunch Included. For rates for an additional person Contact us !

From January 04th, 2021 to January 17th, 2021 (included). Without lunch during the annual closing period of the Bloody Mary’s Restaurant – We will drive you to a restaurant, near from our base. You pay for the lunch directly at the restaurant. Minimum 2 pax