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8 good reasons to travel to Bora Bora

8 reasons to travel to Bora Bora

Who says dream destination, says breathtaking landscapes, sunny climate, white sandy beach, and turquoise water. Bora Bora guarantees all this and more! This paradise island in the South Pacific nestled in the warm waters of an incredible lagoon turns travelers’ heads and has more to offer than a postcard setting.

Thinking of spending your vacation on Bora Bora? Or are you still hesitating about choosing your next destination and need to be convinced? Whether you want to explore the most beautiful lagoon in the world, indulge in outdoor activities with your family, spend a romantic stay in an intimate setting, discover Polynesian culture or simply enjoy an ideal climate all year round, the most beautiful island in French Polynesia promises you an unforgettable experience!

Fall under the spell of the Pearl of the Pacific thanks to this list of 8 good reasons to travel to Bora Bora.

  1. A spectacular lagoon

The lagoon of Bora Bora is said to be the most beautiful in the world with its 50 shades of blue. And this reputation is not usurped! You will be captured by the color palette of this tropical paradise where the blue of the waters contrasts with the green Otemanu and Pahia Mountains. The lagoon, protected from the ocean by a coral reef of a thousand colors, offers both shallow crystalline waters and deeper waters of a bewitching dark blue that create these infinite variations of almost supernatural colors. And what about the motus, these small islands of white sand bordered by coconut palms will make you want to play Robinson Crusoe far from civilization for a day.

In the lagoon, you will also make incredible encounters. Colorful fish that inhabit the coral gardens, elegant stingrays and manta gliding peacefully, curious and harmless sharks, or humpback whales protecting their young, you will evolve in a natural aquarium as the underwater life of Bora Bora is abundant.



  1. A paradise for lovers

Bora Bora, this name alone makes every couple dreaming of a romantic stay. Far from everything and everyone, hidden in your villa or embraced on a white sandy beach, the island is a paradise for lovers. It has always seduced couples who wish to celebrate their honeymoon, their wedding anniversary, or simply their love in an exceptional setting. Imagine yourself, face to face in a luxurious bungalow on stilts, its intimate setting conducive to moments together, an incredible view of the lagoon, and direct access to its warm waters. Or think of the incandescent sunset, a glass of champagne in hand, slipping sweet words into the softness of a tropical evening. You can also set off on an adventure with the one you’ve chosen from your heart. Numerous water activities or on land have been specially designed to share a moment of pleasure with your partner. If you are looking for a destination conducive to love, don’t hesitate any longer, Bora Bora has all the ingredients for a successful couples vacation.


  1. Unique outdoor activities

The lagoon and the nature of Bora Bora are its most beautiful assets, so outdoor activities are a “must-do” not to be missed. And for that, you have a wide range of experiences to choose from that will bring you adventure, thrills, or fun. Unsurprisingly, water sports are not to be missed as the lagoon and its underwater world are extraordinary. Spice up your stay in Bora Bora with excursions by jet-ski, paddle, boat, catamaran, kitesurf, sailboat, or kayak. The lagoon is also one of the most beautiful snorkeling spots in the world, open your eyes wide and leave with memories forever engraved. For fishing and diving enthusiasts, you will find your happiness with many providers. And how about a picnic on a motu, with your feet in the water, while enjoying Polynesian flavors? Let yourself be tempted and practice one activity per day to discover all the wonders of the island. Bora Bora is the ultimate destination to get closer to nature and live unique experiences. To convince you, take a look at the list of the best things to do in Bora Bora.



  1. Dream island preserved from the crowd

Contrary to what one might expect from such a coveted island, Bora Bora does not suffer from mass tourism. The Polynesian tourism actors privilege the control of visitor flows, so the island is not over-frequented, far from it. As there are no crowds of tourists, Bora Bora remains an unspoiled paradise with clean waters and immaculate beaches. So even in high season, you will always find a secluded spot to put your towel on for sunbathing. Also, take the time to visit the main island and, if you go off the beaten track, you will see for yourself that you will not come across many tourists outside of the hotels. Whether on land or on the lagoon, Bora Bora remains unsurpassed in terms of authentic and unspoiled destinations.


  1. Fascinating nature

If the lagoon remains the jewel of Bora Bora, do not miss the visit of the interior of the island of Bora Bora, where a wild and fascinating nature blossoms. Ride a bike or a scooter or, for the most courageous, take the only road that encircles the island on foot. Lovers of postcard landscapes where volcanic reliefs coexist with magnificent beaches and lush vegetation will be delighted. Bora Bora offers intense colors and raw beauty, but also a breathtaking view of the lagoon from its heights. Take a walk in the evening along the Matira beach to admire the spectacle of the waves fading on the shore. You will never find a more exotic destination than this one.


  1. The Polynesian welcome

“Ia Ora Na”, “Maeva” and “Manava” are the three words used to welcome visitors. To the sound of the ukulele, warm smiles accompanied by a necklace of tiare flowers, you will be charmed by the Polynesian way of life from the moment you arrive. When you visit Bora Bora, you will quickly realize that hospitality is a carefully maintained tradition here. Tahitians are respectful and incredibly helpful. If you have a question about anything, you will always find someone to help you. You absolutely must experience this typically Polynesian joie de vivre!



  1. Nice weather all year Round

When to go to Bora Bora? Well, all year round! The climate of Bora Bora is temperate and there are two seasons: the southern winter corresponds to the dry season, from April to October, and the rainy season, from November to March, with sometimes heavy rainfall. The months of July and August are the “coolest”, with temperatures between 24 and 28 degrees. A trip to Bora Bora is always a good idea whatever the season!


  1. A destination for all budgets

What budget for traveling to Bora Bora? Of course, when we think of Bora Bora, we think of chic hotels with their beautifully appointed bungalows on stilts overlooking the lagoon. The island is, indeed, known worldwide for its luxury resorts with impeccable services. Spa, private pool, culinary delights, Polynesian dance shows, palm-fringed beaches, and more await you if you choose to reside in one of these discreetly luxurious resorts. However, if you wish to enjoy the treasures of Bora Bora without breaking your piggy bank, it is possible. In recent years, the destination has become more affordable, as accommodation, airlines, and activities have developed. To learn more, check the list of our partners offering rates and services adapted to all budgets.

This list of « 8 good reasons to travel to Bora Bora » is a good start, but there are plenty of other amazing places to admire around the island. Do not hesitate to contact us for a customized experience in Bora Bora.